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Cute Puppy Pictures

This is a quick review of “Cute Puppy Pictures” app. The app is pretty awesome and a must-have for any dog and puppy lover out there. Very easy to use with literally thousands of the cutest puppies and doggies you will ever see. As a pleasant surprise they included  not only pictures but also GIFs which makes it even better. The function to share an image comes very handy if you want to post something on your Facebook or Twitter or just send to a friend vie email or SMS. You can also save the pics and GIFs on your phones SD card. Nice non issue as it sometimes is with those type of apps is the almost complete lack of ads. You get one on opening of the app and there is a small banner, thats it. Nothing comes between you and your new cute little puppies:) It’s updated almost daily with new fresh cuteness so check it often. 

Overall - the best app with images of dogs and pups. The only downside is it’s only for Android, no iPhone version is available at the moment. 

You can get it with this link here: